New club aims to spread kindness

Shreya Jagan, Staff Reporter

Dedicated to spreading positivity throughout campus, the Acts of Random Kindness club hosted its event on Thursday in the lecture hall. 

“So, basically every other week, we’re going to do just like encouraging, nice things around the school and stuff for different organizations,” president of the club, junior Remi Williams said. “ I started this club, because I just thought it would be a good opportunity to get kids involved and just like put smiles on people’s faces.”

Williams’ values were instilled from club sponsor, head girls’ soccer coach Elizabeth Mokler, who practices the same values with the Redhawk soccer team. 

“I try to put forth certain values to the kids about serving others and service before self,” Mokler said. “I definitely want to be a part of a club that projects such an important message and I know how impactful it can be. So, when one of my soccer girls asked me to sponsor this club, I was immediately up for it.”

Although there wasn’t much advertising of Thursday’s event, the first meeting of the year attracted a room of more than 50 students.

“I love that so many people showed up and already it’s such a welcoming community,” freshman Mckenna Clerkin said. “I’m hoping that I’ll learn to be a better person, think about others more than myself. I’m hoping to be able to show everyone as the club goes on that you don’t know what someone’s going through and the littlest thing could help a person.”