Best buddies hosts its first event of the year


Aaron Boehmer

With the new school year, Best Buddies hosts it's Back to School Bash. As Best Buddies is all about inclusion, the event gives students a chance to make new friends.

Shreya Jagan, Staff Reporter

An event designed to kick off the new school year, Best Buddies is having its Back to School Bash on Saturday to welcome returning and incoming students to the club.

“The best buddies back to school bash is incorporating all our students and future buddies together so they can meet each other before they’ve actually been paired up,” Best Buddies sponsor Cynthia Kays said. “It helps us see who is compatible with who and helps us make our buddy decisions. It’s very valuable and exciting to see how all the families interact with each other.”

Not only does the kickoff contribute to matching people with the same hobbies and personalities, it also encourages students to break out of their shell.

“I joined Best Buddies because I wanted to make new friends that would understand me especially because I had autism,” sophomore Clarke Deardorff said. “It really helped me become more confident and social and has made me a better person since.”

Many teachers have seen improvements in students in class and how they interact as a person due to the socials.

“Kids are definitely more open, if they’re confused they’re speaking up and asking questions,” Kays said. “They’re making new friends at lunch and it’s amazing to watch them grow.”

The socials also provide outlets for people to feel included and like a part of something bigger than themselves.

“The socials show buddies that everyone can be included in our school and we can all be friends no matter who we are,” secretary of the club, junior Carter Bianchin said. “And I’m still grateful to this day for this club that allows and projects that message.