Featured Athlete: Evan Hill

Grade: 11 | Sport: Football


Sarah Boutouis

Junior Evan Hill prepares to run during fourth period football practice. Hill, a starting cornerback on the varsity team, is inspired by his family to play the sport.

Wingspan: When and why did you start playing football?

Hill: “I started playing football when I was in the 6th grade. My main inspiration for playing football comes family members, such as my dad and how he was able to be successful playing high school football and later go on and play college football at the University of Miami.”

Wingspan: What are looking forward to the most about this season, and what do you believe will be the biggest game changer?

Hill: “Overall I look forward to being able to have everyone come together as a team and win games, and really in terms of game changers I think it’s going to be making sure everyone communicates and is on point.”

Wingspan: How does it feel to be named one of the starting cornerbacks as a junior and what do you think won you the starting job?

Hill: “It feels great to be given such a big role, and knowing that I will be in a position to impact games and help the team win. And in terms of what I think won me the starting job is my work ethic and technique.”

Wingspan: What is one of the biggest differences between this year’s team and last year’s team?

Hill: “One of the biggest differences I’ve seen is definitely the chemistry of the team and how we all get along with each other.”

Wingspan: How do you feel about the Redhawks secondary this season?

Hill: “I feel good about the secondary this season because we I feel that we’ve developed in terms of focusing on the little things such as technique and communicating on the field. I think that just off these things we’ve been able to move faster and play more efficiently.”