Front office showcases the principals of dance

Aaron Boehmer, Managing Editor

The bell rang as it usually does to start the advisory period on Monday, but it was anything but normal in the cafeteria, as principals were led onto the stage by assistant principal Phil Brown, hopping and dancing to “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown

“I’m hoping they learn we are humans, we like to have fun as well, and for them to relax and be themselves, and just enjoy the time that [they] are here and get the most out of it,” Brown said. “The whole purpose of it is that school is fun, school can be fun if you come in, put into it, and expect something out of it, but if you come in expecting just to read and write, arithmetic, it’s going to be pretty boring [and] monotonous.” 

Monday’s performance was the idea of technology specialist Merry Moch who is the driving force behind playing music as part of the school’s new bell system.

“I thought it would be a good idea for all students to see the administration let their hair down,”  Moch said. “To see them do something fun instead of always having to discipline someone.” 

Senior Taylor Nwamadi can vouch for the execution of Moch’s plan, believing the out-of-the-blue performance sheds positive light on staff members known to discipline.  

“I think it was fun because no one was really expecting it, so it was just really funny,” Nwamadi said. “It’s really weird because usually they’re more serious, and we just saw them dancing around. I think people will look at them differently and see they can be fun as well.” 

Planning to roll out the speaker again, Brown confirms that the principals will likely return to center stage for another round of dancing. 

“I’m pretty sure it will happen again,” Brown said. “So be mindful and aware.”