Featured Athlete: Lauryn Hill

Grade: 10 | Sport: Volleyball


Sophomore, volleyball player Lauryn Hill leaps in preparation to spike a ball during a game at the Nest. Originally playing the sport to spend time with friends, Hill is considering a future career in volleyball.

Wingspan: When did you start playing Volleyball?

Hill: “I started playing in 5th grade.”

Wingspan: Why did you start playing volleyball?

Hill: “I wanted something to do and all my friends were doing it so I started playing.”

Wingspan: When you started playing in the 5th grade, did you think you would be continuing it for so long?

Hill: “I wasn’t really looking at the future in 5th grade, it was more doing it with friends and using my free time for something a bit more important.”

Wingspan: Do you want a future in volleyball after high school, and possibly after college?

Hill: “Yeah, I wanna play in college and hopefully later than that.”

Wingspan: Is there a college you have in mind to play volleyball for?

Hill: “I like Baylor and Colorado State so far.”

Wingspan: Do you think you’re a good volleyball player, considering that you’re a sophomore in varsity?

Hill: “I think so, especially considering my age and everyone else on the team. Also me just starting from a young age.”

Wingspan: Is it tough to manage your AP classes homework and varsity practices?

Hill: “It is hard considering I have to balance practice and making sure my homework is done and turning it in on time.”

Wingspan: How do you balance the time to do homework for different classes with the longer practices?

Hill: “I just find time for it when I’m home so I can just get it done, so it’s out of my way and I move on to other things.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on playing after college as a future career possibly?

Hill: “Yes of course, it would definitely be a lot of fun and yes I am looking forward to playing volleyball in the future. It could definitely be a future career of mine.”