Medieval gallery walk for AP European Studies


Kristen Mayfield

A new course to campus, students of AP European studies take a gallery walk around campus to learn more about Medieval Europe. The students take their work outside of the classroom to try to absorb the information in a more memorable way, to help their understanding of the class and curriculum.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

European history students filled the halls to learn about different parts of medieval life in an interactive gallery walk Wednesday. 

“After the [AP European History students] did the anatomy of absolute monarchs, or the enlightened despots, on-level European History students do a gallery walk afterwards with a chart that I have given them and they look at specific aspects of each monarch,” teacher Kristen Mayfield said. “We then come back as a class and discuss each monarch and we can see the similarities and differences between them.”

For sophomore Nathan Daly, the gallery walk was a welcomed opportunity to learn about medieval culture. 

“I was excited to learn about the culture behind the medieval times, like music, art, stuff like that,” Daly said. “Learning about the music was my favorite part, because that’s when it really started to develop around the world. Instruments such as the trumpet, violins, guitars, harps, were all invented during this time period.”

The gallery walk provided students with a more interactive way of learning about the European monarchs. 

“Learning new things through something fun like the gallery walk is interesting,” sophomore Jada Mignot said. “I prefer this to a regular lecture because we’re actually socialising and doing work so we’re more focused.”