Honoring veterans, community parades downtown Frisco

Kirthi Gummadi

Ashvita Girish, Staff Reporter

The annual Frisco Community Parade, recognizing veterans and celebrating community pride is Saturday at 10:00 a.m. in downtown Frisco, starting at Toyota Stadium.

“This annual parade brings people from all around frisco together,” sophomore Nitya Sripati said. “We honor our veterans and those who have served in the armed forces. We Also get volunteer hours and the event is also a really fun source of entertainment for many families and kids because they get really excited when they see all the balloons and floats.”

The parade features floats, school marching bands, high school football teams, cheerleaders, scouts, civic organizations, youth sports teams, Frisco-based professional sports teams, and local businesses.

“To honor our veterans the band plays a patriotic parade sequence that consists of multiple tunes from different branches of the military,” assistant band director Tyler Elvidge said. “That is our way of showing respect and honoring those who have served in our country. This the only parade that the students get to experience, so it’s really important for them to get that opportunity to play in a parade setting for all the people in Frisco, and play for a different audience than they are used to.”

Playing and marching in a different setting is something  sophomore Dhruv Dilbaghi enjoys.

“We march together at the parade,” Dilbaghi said. “We play together at the parade and we play for veterans it’s pretty fun because we get to play together and march together and be with your friends but also you’re supporting the veterans who have served the country. “