Donut Tree offers fun take on traditional treats


Ana Cuen Alcelay

From cookie monster to Spiderman and Maple Bacon, Donut Tree offers a wide assortment of donuts.

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Guest Contributor

Preparing perfectly glazed donuts, The Donut Tree is a hidden treasure situated behind big chain Walmart, awaiting the entrance of new faces. 

As one walks in, the bright colors radiating from the donut display automatically draws one’s attention. From festive holiday donuts, to macarons, to their special flavours like Oreo Creme, there is a variety of hand-made products for everyone. 

Although the cake donuts are too thick, for personal preference, their regular yolk donuts do not disappoint. The Donut Tree provides a thin spread of not too sweet icing, perfect for those who like to take off icing on their cupcakes. The texture is soft and chewy, perfectly paired with a glass of cold milk.

Their special flavors range from MixBerry Creamcheese to Maple Bacon. These bagel-like donuts have individual ingredients between the top and bottom dough. The Strawberry Shortcake had the top and bottom parts of the dough covered in powdered sugar with thin strawberry pieces held in place by white filling in the middle. The fruit was fresh and not too sweet and the dough was also soft in texture. 

This family-owned donut shop creates a calm atmosphere for a fun hangout or simply an enjoyable food experience with family. Soft pop music can be heard, but is not loud enough to make it the main focus, and the five tables invite you to stay and enjoy the treats

Many people may prefer name-brand donuts such as Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme, The Donut Tree provides a fresh and fun twist to donuts. Located off 121 near Walmart, this shop is the closest donut location to school. Even though The Donut Tree’s hours may seem inconvenient to students, those looking for a morning treat before school or on the weekends should definitely stop by.