UNT offers dual credit for class of 2022


The University of North Texas will be hosting a dual credit night, for information on the opportunities available for the class of 2022. The meeting will be at Lebanon Trail at 6:30.

Abby Wang, Staff Reporter

Frisco ISD sophomore students and parents are invited to an informational meeting Wednesday from 6:30-8 p.m. at Lebanon Trail High School to learn more about UNT’s Dual Credit Program

“You are still a Liberty High School student but take classes through UNT Frisco,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “They will probably have an option for students to complete basic college credits, or the basic requirements for colleges in Texas.”

Frisco ISD is partnering with the University of North Texas to enable a selective number of students from the current sophomore class to take classes at UNT’s Frisco campus.

“I want to take dual credit so I can work hard in class and get the credit instead of taking the AP test plus working hard in the class,” sophomore Varda Khan said.

The program plans to focus on set skills such as project management, collaborative thinking, data analysis, creativity, and leadership while earning a minimum of 42 college credits. Students are also offered the classes at a reduced tuition rate and automatic admission to UNT in order to complete their degree.

“I [am] going to the meeting because [dual credit classes] seem like they will help me with college,” sophomore Ashleigh Wiggins said via messages. “Because they both offer similar classes I don’t think I am likely to choose UNT [compared to Collin] [because of what my goal is.]”