Fantasy football gives students real connections

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Fantasy football gives students real connections

Blake VerWoert, Staff Writer

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Playing football takes time, effort and a huge amount of skill, but there is an easier alternative for high schoolers to get in the game: fantasy football.

Fantasy football is a popular hobby of many sports fans this time of year. Players earn your team points based on how they perform on the field. Having the ability to build a dream team of NFL players lets the average individual feel more a part of the game.

Thousands of leagues are created and/or renewed each year, and millions of people across the country play. Of these millions, there are many students at Liberty High School who take part in fantasy football each fall.

Sophomore David Buss is part of a fantasy football league consisting of many other Liberty students, which lets him be a part of a fun and competitive activity among his peers.

“It allows friends to compete with each other,” Buss said. “It allows me to have bragging rights when I win.”

High schoolers enjoy showing off to their peers, and fantasy football is no different. If you compile a great team, you have the right to boast yourself to your fellow league members.

“I try to find some of my friends that are playing, and I try to beat them out,” Buss said. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

The competitiveness of fantasy football can get quite hectic, and it can be saddening when your fantasy football players do not perform well. It is important to have a short memory and prepare for the next week. Do not get too worked up about it—it’s only a game.