Food no longer on the library menu


Yael Even

Students study in the library during advisory on Wednesday. As of Dec. 4, students will no longer be able to bring food into the library.

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Guest Contributor

Starting Wednesday, students are no longer allowed to bring food into the library as a result of students not picking up after themselves and leaving their trash throughout the area. 

“Despite warnings and reminders, I got tired of finding milk cartons behind my book shelves and under couches,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. “I know it’s going to not be people’s favorite new policy but I can’t have pizza cartons and milk jugs all around. You wouldn’t leave those in your room sitting around, so you probably shouldn’t leave them in here too.”

Students that were used to bringing food into the library will now have to adjust to the new policy. 

“I’m going to be a lot more hungry because I do better studying and working when I have food or at least water next to me,” junior Gali Byrne said. “So I think it will affect me but I’ll get used to it.”

Although this new rule may affect where some students eat, junior Lily Young is understanding of the situation.

“I’ll probably just eat in class or advisory because I’d still rather go to the library over the cafeteria,” she said. “There have been plenty of warnings and I’d rather not eat in the library than have a messy one.”

The new policy may not be permanent as the rule may be lifted if students show a change in behavior.

“If we can keep it up and prove that we can be responsible for our belongings, then I will change my decision,” Hamilton said. “But as of right now it’s going to stand.”