Basketball reaches for wins against Raccoons


Sarah Boutouis

Preparing to catch a pass, senior Doruk Ozyurt runs across the court during practice. Both girls' and boys' basketball play tonight, with their boys' team playing in their first district match.

Jake Harvey, Catie Reeves

Girls’ basketball plays open a night of play against the Frisco Raccoons at 6 p.m. at the Nest.

Sophomore Ashley Anderson thinks that the Redhawks have a good chance to push their district record to 3-0.

“We expect a good solid,” Anderson said. “We’ve scouted them using film showing us how we should play against them and what we need to focus on.”

Battling the Frisco Raccoons, boys’ basketball is hosting its first District 9-5A game of the season Tuesday at 7:15 p.m in The Nest.

“I am expecting the Frisco school to have a target on our back because we have been a good basketball team for several years,” junior Trey Walters said. “I hope to accomplish  that we come out with the Dub because we have had a lot of practices and games to prepare us for our first home game.”

Freshman Trent Walters knows that pre-season games have prepared the team for this competition.

“I expect them to come out with a lot of fire and want to win their first district game,” Walters said. “And I simply hope we can get the win.”