Winter break approaches while wrestling keeps rolling


Michael Martin

Keeping competition up over the break, wrestling prepares to take on the Copell Santa and Mrs.Claus Slam Saturday Dec. 20, and finish up the break at the Grapevine Invitational for the boys and the Knights Invitational for the girls. Winter break will give the athletes 6 days of rest, but will return to practice and conditioning for the remaining days of their time off of school.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

Most students are using winter break for a few weeks of relaxation, but wrestling continues competing, with the team heading to Coppell High School for the Santa and Mrs.Claus Slam Saturday Dec. 21, and finishing up the break at the Grapevine Invitationals for the boys and the Independence Knight’s Invitational for the girls Jan. 4-5.

“Santa Slam and Mrs.Claus is going to be tough, but Independence is going to be a big tournament,” assistant Wrestling coach Tim Brennan said. “We’ve got seven weight classes covered, but ideally to do any damage we need all seven people winning matches and scoring points, so if we do that, I’m happy. It doesn’t matter how many first or seconds or thirds you have, it’s if everybody is contributing, and generally if that happens good things happen for us.”

For all of the athletes, the time off and weight allowance at both tournaments is exciting, and for senior Karina Quiros, the previous tournaments have gotten her prepared for what is to come. 

“I’m really excited about the 2 pounds allowance,” Karina said. After [Texas Women’s Classic], I’m not scared of anything anymore, those girls were really strong, so after being lifted in the air that many times, honestly feeling really confident.” 

The Santa Slam and the Independence Invitational  are expected to provide strong competition for both teams. 

“Independance I’m a bit more nervous about because that one girl i’ve been having a hard time with is going to be there,” Quiros said. “But like I said, compared to that [Texas Women’s Classic], hopefully I remember that I shouldn’t be that scared because i have definitely wrested harder girls than her.”

The team has been working non-stop for the first part of season, and senior Tristan Seals is looking forward to some time off between their tournaments. 

“I’m excited for this weekend, because after the tournament, we get to go on break,” Seals said. “I can finally relax, and eat, and just chill.”