Abii dedicates himself to the game beyond high school

Walker Shippy

Walker Shippy, WTV Sports Producer

Senior basketball player, Micaiah Abii is moving on to play D1 basketball at Liberty University after graduation.

Abii has tailored his play style to suit his upcoming transition into collegiate basketball.

“This year is really just versatility,” Abii said. “Going next year I’m going to be playing on the college level so the size is definitely going to be different than it is here in Frisco. So really just mixing it up, I’m definitely going to be playing downlow and I’m going to be playing outside too.”

Played with Abii since 7th grade, senior Zach Bishop has seen his development on and off the court.

“There are a lot of us seniors that have been playing with Micaiah since 7th grade,” Bishop said. “We’ve definitely had a lot of memories. Overtime, he’s opened up as a person. He’s obviously our best player for a reason.”

Abii’s teammates see him as a leader by example.

“He likes to lead by example and he likes to show you on the court what he is doing,” senior Eric Lynn said. “He’s not very vocal but he definitely leads by example.”

Abii has stepped up to his role as team captain.

“I mean he’s not the most vocal in the world but he’s always doing the right thing,” Bishop said. “He’s a good team captain.”

Abii also sees himself as a leader through his actions.

“I see myself as a leader, all of us seniors have to be leaders just because of experience,” Abii said. “Even if they haven’t played on the varsity level, most of them have been playing basketball for awhile. Just the angle of experience has put us in a leadership role.”

Abii and his teammates see his commitment to the basketball program as a great step towards furthering his basketball and academic career.

Liberty is a great school,” Lynn said. “It’s a private christian school. They are a great academic school and they are really good at basketball. They play Virginia every year and they have a lot of high profile games.”

“Liberty is a really good school,” Bishop said. “They are like 17-1 or something right now. They were undefeated for a really long time. ”

Aside from the basketball program at Liberty University, Abii was attracted to the school as a whole.

“Definitely a school that was going to set me up in life as far as getting a degree,” Abii said. “For me I wanted to get one in science just the medical field somewhere. Liberty is definitely in the come up with a lot of things and one of those things is their medical program. I just liked everything else about it. It just felt like a fit.”