District provides a gateway into student life


Yael Even

Campus Digital learning coach Clayton Pope takes a look at a new platform created by the District called Guardian Gateway. Parents should be expecting an email regarding the new website and how to log in.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

Parents have a new way to keep abreast of their children’s school work as Frisco ISD launched a slow rollout Thursday of a new platform called Guardian Gateway.

“It’s essentially a parent driven sort of self autonomous way for parents to keep track of student grades and other information,” campus digital learning coach Clayton Pope said. “When the school needs to send out a mass email, a lot of times the emails are out of date or the primary contact is wrong and it’s hard to update. So now with Guardian Gateway, parents drive their own systems, they go and set up their own account, they can change it and access what their student’s information is. It was the primary reason for doing this, just to have parents being able to set up their own account, reset their own password and and kind of go from there.”

Pope believes Guardian Gateway will be a helping hand for parents.

“Obviously with the way technology has evolved, information should be available at any time without the hurdles of having to email someone and having them reset the password and email back,” Pope said. “There can be a 24 hour difference between when you actually get that information back, so now it’s just nice that parents can get it all themselves, create their own account, reset their password, any time they need access to information, they can do it right then and there. It just makes information processing more efficient and quicker which is really good.”

Frisco ISD parent Jennifer Williams plans to use Guardian Gateway to her advantage.

“I am looking forward to the release,” Williams said. “I am excited that there will be one place to access all my children’s information without having to log into multiple systems and remember all the different places to go to find that information.”

Having four boys in the district, and three of them on campus, D’Ann Shippy is convinced Guardian Gateway will be really convenient. 

“I expect Guardian Gateway to be a very useful one-stop shop for FISD parents, particularly those parents who have multiple children at more than one campus,” Shippy said. “Time is so precious nowadays that any technology that provides quick and easy access to consolidated data will be welcomed by busy moms and dads.”