Coffee with counselors focuses on course selection


Michael Martin

Focusing on course selection for the 2020-2021 school year, Coffee with the Counselors will be hosted in Thursday in the auditorium from 8-9:00 a.m. The meeting is an opportunity for students and parent to learn and ask questions about their students and upcoming course cards.

Athena Tseng, Guest Contributor

With course selection for 2020-2021 underway, Thursday’s Coffee with the Counselors from 8-9 a.m. in the auditorium will provide information to parents on classes students can take.

“We will present the registration information (similar to what the students saw in class) to parents. We will also allow some time for general questions,” A-E counselor Andrea Douglas said. “This will enable the parents to become more knowledgeable about the registration process, requirements, and policies. We will be answering questions about the information provided.”

Parents and students must RSVP to attend the event.

“Parents should attend this event if they would like more information on helping their students select courses for next year,” S-Z counselor Staci Stokes said. “This will be beneficial to students and parents as it aides in choosing courses for next year and also allows time for questions.”