Sommers, Rainwater take on new roles in Liberty administration


New AP Mrs. Sommers ensures students' safety during a fire drill. With her new role at Liberty come new responsibilities.

Assistant principal Kristen Sommers and associate principal Ashley Rainwater are two staff members with new positions at Liberty.

A former special education and English teacher, Sommers became an assistant principal this school year. Working as a teacher has given her a unique perspective on the school, the staff and the students.

“I love how much of a team we are,” Sommers said. “We are like a family.”

To ensure the school continues to function in such a favorable environment, Sommers said she is going to hold the student responsible for their behavior and actions; the same rules are going to apply to the teachers, as well. Sommers said she plans on keeping the rules enforced and consistent throughout this school year.

“The rules are put in place for a reason,” Sommers said. “They promote a safe environment and a good school culture.”

Sommers said she hopes to continue in her role as an assistant principal for the rest of her career, or until a new opportunity arises that could help her to do more good for the Liberty staff and students.

Rainwater, former assistant principal of three years at Liberty, said she also hopes to continue to strive for excellence in the Redhawk community. Although she does not plan on changing any of the school policies, she does want to push herself to help the school run more smoothly.

“As an assistant principal, you work primarily with the students and teachers,” Rainwater said. “As an associate principal, you work more with the parents and staff. I wanted to challenge myself and work with more people.”

Both Sommers and Rainwater have said that they are proud to be a part of such an uplifting community that the Liberty Redhawks have created and hope to work here for a very long time.