Michael Martin

Artistic Expressions: volume 10

Hundreds of students on campus take part in the many fine arts courses offered at school and each week Wingspan profiles one such student in this weekly feature.

Fallon Buckner

Tarini Pankanti

Ashvita Girish, Staff Reporter

Grade: 10th Years performing: 6  Future College: undecided  Future Job: lawyer Wingspan: What made you choose theater? Pankanti: “Ever since I was young, I have always loved theatre, whether it be performing myself or watching others perform. I would constantly watch actors belt a high note and observe the meticulous expressions that they managed to bewilder at the same time. I a...

Arshia Narula
Grace Sullivan
Megan Weidenbach
Ally Lastovica
Emily Chladny
Amy Kim
Geethika Bonthala
Beth Estes
Allison Zhang
Jisu Chae
Saraj Khaja
Sarah Ramos

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