Kanz Bitar

In this week’s culinary crusade, staff reporter Kanz Bitar returned to Starbucks to try a new drink.

Fruity Frappuccino Mix-up

Starbucks is still somewhat of a new thing to me since I’ve only ever tried three drinks from there so I decided to go back and try something new. 

I ordered a Butterscotch Frappuccino mainly because I really like butterscotch. Excited to try it, I anticipated it to taste like butterscotch but for some weird reason all I could taste was mango. It was like I was drinking a mango frappuccino. I kept drinking it thinking the mango flavor would go away but it didn’t. So I asked my friend to try it and she said it tasted like butterscotch. So it was all in my head apparently. 

I finished the whole drink, I thought it was really good but I still couldn’t  shake the mango flavor, it didn’t taste like butterscotch at all to me. 

It was a bit of a disappointment because I was excited for butterscotch but I actually liked the mango flavor even though it wasn’t actually mango flavored. 

Maybe I was craving mango so that’s why I was tasting it, but I’ll never know I guess. 

I’m excited to go back and try other drinks. So far I’ve enjoyed my journey at Starbucks and I can’t wait to try more.

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