Counselors host advanced academic panel Thursday morning


Remi Williams

Coffee with the counselors is a monthly meeting to give parents and students another way to stay informed.

Alyssa Murphy and Maddie Aronson

Rather than relying on a newsletter or an email, the school’s counselor’s are giving parents and students the chance for a monthly meeting hosted in the auditorium at 8 a.m. Thursday.

The focus of this month’s Coffee with the Counselors is on the advanced academics forum. Representatives from gifted and talented and advanced placement programs as well as dual credit will be present to answer questions.

Attending the session, GT Humanities and AP U.S. History teacher Sarah Wiseman believes that it is a great opportunity to clear up misconceptions about classes.

“We’re going to be on a panel, so they’re going to have teachers from a variety of programs to answer questions there,” Wiseman said. “I think what happens a lot is that people hear from a friend who hears from a friend, different things. What is true for one student and their family might not be a universal experience. It’s always good for parents to ask questions to teachers directly so they can hear from the source.”