Prom tickets available for purchase


Roy Nitzan

The school recently announced that Senior Prom will be held April 20 at the W Hotel in Dallas.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

Seniors interested in going to prom can buy tickets now until April 1 at for $75 a ticket.

“I’ve been looking forward to prom for a while,” senior Tiffany Truong said. “I’m probably going to go with a bunch of friends and it’s going to be fun. Senior year, just living it up.”

The dance will be held at the W Hotel in downtown Dallas.

“We chose the W because it’s a really nice venue in a great location,” Student Council member Tristan Maravilla said. “We also held prom there last year, and that was with a bigger class, so I think it will run even better this year.”

Senior Ishana Banerjee encourages seniors who may be on the fence about attending the dance to give it a chance.

“It’s a really good experience and it allows everyone to dress up and have fun for a night and kinda celebrate the end of senior year,” Banerjee said. “It’s one big party and a chance for them to go all out on their appearance with whoever they please.”