One of the most popular sports finds a home on campus


Katahn Gandhi

Straying away from traditional American sports, cricket club meets on Fridays during advisory. The club holds its matches on the weekends, sharing their love for the sport.

Parijat Somani, Guest Contributor

 The world’s second most popular sport now has a home on campus as senior Katahn Gandhi launched a cricket club that meets in C112 during advisory.

 “I mainly wanted to establish the cricket club as a means for people to have fun and to learn about this game which most people don’t really know about,” Gandhi said. “I think it’s a really fun game and it can help people relax from the stress that they experience while they are in school. And overall, I also wanted to create a community, and just create an appreciation for cricket.“ 

With more than a dozen students attending the first meeting of the club, Gandhi believes that they might be able to create a successful club. 

“I think just looking at the success of the frisbee club, I think if we get the opportunity to bring this club to the school and play on the school field then we’ll be able to get a lot of members and create a thriving club,” Gandhi said. “Overall I just want to try and make this sport more popular and also provide a means for others who are already familiar with the game to have the means to play with.”

While the fan base in America for cricket might not compare to the fan base in Europe or Asia, it is slowly taking root in America via immigration.

“I think it will be a good way to experience and make a lot of memories and have a great time,” Gangula said. “So far, I think it’ll be really fun. Since we’re gonna play on the weekends, we can all gather up and have a lot of fun.”

Although the club meets at school, the games will be played off campus. 

“It seems fun,” sophomore Vyom Sethia said. “We’re gonna play on the weekends where we get to play with a lot of other people who love cricket.”