Collin College welcomes rising students for a campus visit


Nick Young

While Frisco ISD doesn’t have finals at the end of each semester, dual credit students will end the semester a little different. Because Collin College does administer final exams, some Frisco ISD students are preparing for finals.

Athena Tseng, Guest Contributor

With graduation being only a few months away, and dozens of students on campus likely to attend, Collin College is hosting its Super Saturday event at the Frisco campus starting at 11:00 a.m.

“It includes campus tours and Collin College presentations about Collin College academic programs and Financial Aid,” Collin Counselor on campus Shawna Chamberlin said. “Our dedicated staff will showcase student organizations, academic support services and important student resources.”

Registration is required to attend the event. 

“Participants can sign up to take a tour of the campus and or a presentation on either Collin College or financial aid,” organizer of the event Teresa Ramos said. “In addition to the campus tours, participants can visit with staff members from different academic and student resources that are available to help them be successful while attending Collin College and beyond. For example we will have staff from Dual Credit, Workforce Programs, Admissions & Advising, Counseling Services, and the Writing Center.”

Although Collin College is only a few miles from campus, Chamberlain believes it’s beneficial to take a visit.

“If you are a dual credit student or a student considering Collin College after high school, I recommend attending as a ‘college visit’,” Chamberlin said. “You will learn the layout of the campus and it will help to answer any questions you might have about attending Collin College.”