Spreading awareness through dress up days


Wade Glover

With it being National Future Farmers of America week, the FFA group on campus will host five dress up days for students and staff to participate in. In doing so, FFA hopes to inform students interested in agriculture.

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Guest Contributor


Monday kicks of National Future Farmers of America week, five days dedicated to spreading awareness of the organization and providing information for students interested in agriculture. 

“We celebrate National FFA week and with it being national, it is through every single state,” FFA sponsor Jessica Rocha said. “And so it’s kind of unique to where you know, every single chapter within a school district is able to celebrate Future Farmers of America, what we stand for in our classes, what we do, and to kind of just celebrate that.”

As part of the awareness campaign, students are being encouraged to dress up to both celebrate and promote the program.

“Hopefully it will spread awareness just so they have that fun aspect of dressing up kind of having that farmer feel because obviously, we live in a heavy populated city, so we don’t see a lot of farm animals,” Rocha said. “We don’t see a lot of the crops of corn, sorghum, or wheat or anything like that, where our food comes from, and to kind of get the students just kind of the curiosity rolling as to what we do in our chapter.”