Students adjust to lessons online


Provided by Jiya Surywanshi

Teenage study habits have changed over the course of time.

Athena Tseng, Guest Contributor

With changes across the nation including social distancing, low amount of supplies, safety precautions, events canceled and online school because of COVID-19, students are learning to adjust to these changes and challenges.

“It’s a serious matter and more people should take it more seriously,” junior Kayla Pernis said. “Online school is kind of nice and safer but at the same time, I feel bad for seniors missing out potentially their best year of high school.”

Some students are more worried about the elderly population more than themselves.

“Coronavirus has taken over everybody’s freedoms and needs to be stopped,” sophomore Jason Cranfill said. “We should fear the elder people in our family because they’re the ones who have a better chance of risking their life due to a weaker immune system.”

Freshman Jiya Surywanshi thinks that the Coronavirus has taken a toll on spring break and everyone should take precautions. 

“I think that coronavirus is a disease we all need to be cautious about what we do whether it’s limiting interactions, or storing a hefty amount of supplies,” Surywanshi said. “It’s really upsetting how no one can do anything outside. It kinda turned spring break into house arrest and it didn’t really feel like a break.”

Students also have a wider view of the new pandemic and how it’s affecting society as a whole mentally.

“I think that the coronavirus is reshaping our society and how we function in a bad way,” sophomore Aiden Wylie said. “The coronavirus is scary and should be feared but not panicked about because panicking makes people make bad decisions.”

While students have their concerns, they also have hope that it can get better by taking safety precautions.

“COVID-19 has caused fear in many people all around the world,” Surywanshi said. “I personally believe that by, staying home and washing your hands more often we can improve the situation.”