Drive-thru COVID-19 testing opens in Frisco


Inspire Health website

Cooper Ragle, WTV Staff Reporter

The number of places for COVID-19 testing is slowly expanding throughout North Texas, including a new spot that opened up in Frisco at Inspire Health on Warren Parkway. 

Even though the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Frisco remains relatively low, with just 11 confirmed cases as of earlier this week, some area health professions are coming in to aid the people of Frisco. 

Inspire Health has opened a drive-thru testing center open every week day from 1-4 p.m. 

The purpose is to make sure people showing symptoms are safe and don’t have the virus, or if they do have the virus, they can get proper treatment. Multiple doctors and other healthcare professionals are volunteering to help the process run smoothly and organized. 

To be eligible for a test you must have a form from your doctor requesting a test and this must be presented in order to get tested.

All information can be found on Inspire Health’s site.