School launches Instagram to share Redhawk pride

Brynn Soulakis

Ananda Ghoshal, Staff Reporter

The school launched its first Instagram account on Friday, and to help get it going seniors are being asked to post a picture of themselves from kindergarten on their personal page and tag the school (@libertyhighredhawks) by Friday using the hashtags #Classof2020, #RedhawkNation and what elementary school they went to.

“We are looking for ways to continue to celebrate our seniors and the decision to add a campus Instagram page was made several weeks ago,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “Our goal was to create a platform that caters to the students. It will be used to celebrate students and highlight the lives of our Redhawks. This senior class has always been a close group and have contributed greatly to our school community.”

The challenge to seniors lets them take a trip down memory lane by looking back on everything they have done and everything they have accomplished since then. 

For senior Annie Hawkins, the challenge documents how far the students have come in not only Frisco ISD, but also in life.

“It made me feel good looking back at everything I have achieved over 18 years of my life,” she said.

Under the circumstances of COVID-19, the school wants to recognise the seniors for how far they have come.

I would love to see the seniors participate so all of the Redhawks can celebrate them,” campus secretary Karen Adolff said. “My goal is to celebrate and recognize them during an unusual time during their senior year while we are not at school.”