Introverts vs. Extroverts: students adapt to eLearning


Michael Martin

In the third straight week of eLearning, both introverted and extroverted students have had to adapt to living with social distancing.

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Guest Contributor

One of the main ways to categorize personality is through the classification of introversion and extraversion. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has been forced to stay home. However, this situation has affected introverts and extroverts differently, as introverts naturally prefer spending more time in their own world, and extroverts feed off of their social agenda. 

“Generally the only time I go out is to go to school, so I haven’t faced problems with not being allowed to go out,” introvert junior Lana Le said. “However, I learn better in classroom environments with a teacher rather than self taught lessons so that has been a bit of a problem”

Extroverts like junior Laura Young have found different challenges, as human interaction and social events are something they value greatly. 

“It has been challenging because I really love spending time with others,” she said. “I depend on my social life for emotional support and happiness, and having that so drastically reduced has been difficult. 

However due to technology advances, Young has been able to adjust to the social distancing.

“Because of the quarantine, I can’t go out like normal,” Laura Young said. “It has been an adjustment because I spend most of my time outside hanging out with my friends. I stay in contact with my friends through social media and FaceTime, so it’s not all bad, but I have a lot less quality time with my friends overall.”

Whether introvert or extrovert, socializing is a human necessity that may trigger the release of dopamine, a substance in the brain linked to happiness and pleasure. 

“I think in the beginning I didn’t mind that much because I like the time to relax and sleep in,” junior Macie Fleming said. “However, over a period of time I feel I want to get out more and hang out with people.”