Theatre students take the stage online


Sarah Boutouis

Burk, playing Miss Trunchbull, yells at Matilda, played by Jane Wester, as her classmates look on with fear at theatre's production of Matilda first semester.

Jonathon Anderson, WTV Staff Reporter

For most normal classes, adjusting to eLearning means transferring the planned curriculum online, but the process has not been as easy for fine arts courses. Theatre director Heather Willingham explains how her department has adapted to the new online environment.

“We’re doing all kinds of things, in different classes,” Willingham said. “Tech theatre is working on lighting design as well as some resume building. Some of my advanced theatre classes are working on original monologues as well as working on original performances, researching different things that are happening in the theatre world due to COVID-19, and some of the ways artists are still finding ways to get their art out there even though they can’t do it onstage right now. There’s a lot of very innovative work happening with our liberty theatre students right now.”

Finding new outlets to explore her creativity, junior Lexie Laviolette appreciates the freedom offered by the online assignments.

“For every week in theatre we’re given a creativity based project that we’re meant to work independently on, and I think it’s really helpful for fleshing out our artistic sense of self,” Laviolette said. “The first one we did, we had to record ourselves talking about how helpful the warm ups we are doing are for our focus, and so I made little paper cut-outs because I’m better at describing things visually through art than through words and so I find these projects really freeing.”