Stay at home orders lead to snail mail


Provided by Hannah Beeler

It may not be chatting with a friend face to face, however a few students on campus have been filling the void by writing letters to each other. Students enjoy connecting in a creative way.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

While texting has become one of the most common ways for people to communicate in this day and age, it hasn’t stopped some students from taking their extra time off school to write and send letters to connect with friends.

“I saw a friend ask for people’s addresses on her Instagram story so she could send them letters and thought it was a super cute, fun idea,” senior Emma Hancock said via text. “I feel like everyone loves getting a physical letter. It’s also something people don’t do often so I thought it would be a fun way to mix things up”.

There are many other things students enjoy sending to friends along with a letter.

“A positive aspect about sending mail is that you can exchange stationery,” freshman Jane Hao said via text.  “I send things like memo sheets, stickers washi tapes and bookmarks. It makes it more fun and memorable”.

Freshman Lilya Ma believes writing letters allows her to be more creative and personal with her message.

“Me and my friends are writing letters because we think it would be nice to send something that we put a lot of effort into. It would definitely be more fulfilling than reading a text or an email,” Ma said via text. “It’s also fun to have letters arrive from one, as it is not a feeling that we experience often in such a modern time and definitely to connect with someone in a way that we don’t usually do nowadays.”