Checklist and demo help prepare students for AP exams

Screenshot from College Board website

Using their 8-character AP ID or by entering the word “PRACTICE”, students can see how their AP exams will be formatted and conducted. The exam demo can be found at

Erika Pernis, Guest Contributor

With AP testing starting on Monday, CollegeBoard has provided students with an AP Exam Day Checklist including an exam demo in order to assist students with the online transition and ensure that they will be able to access and submit their AP test(s).

“The checklist is a list of things to do and to look over for students to do before taking the AP exam and ensures that students complete all necessary tasks,” AP Biology teacher Chris Ham said via email. “The demo test simulates the interface of the AP exam and allows students to practice navigating the test and learn how to submit the answers.” 

For junior Suhani Kunam, the resources have been convenient during the transition.

“I think that they are definitely really helpful for students like myself who have been working all year to take the AP test and receive the college credit,” Kunam said via text. “I am definitely thankful for having the transition and still being able to get the credit,”  

The online resources are designed to help students get ready for the AP exam’s new look.

“Since students have never taken an online AP exam before, both the checklist and the demo is critical for students,” Ham said via email. “All students should take advantage of these resources.”

The AP checklist and demo test have given Alexander Monroe a sense of how his first AP test is going to flow.

“They’ve helped me kind of get a feel on how test day is going to run and just familiarize the exam formatting and submission,” Monroe said via text. “It’s my first ever AP test and we never really prepared for it to be online so we’re fortunate to have these resources.”

AP Human Geography teacher Tim Johannes is confident that the AP test will run as smoothly as the demo.

“They are simple ways for AP students to make sure that they are ready to take the AP Exam,” Johannes said via email. ”As long as everything is connected and doesn’t get overwhelmed it should work fine. We will find out on Tuesday for Human Geography.”