Campus demobilization begins Thursday


Brian Higgins

Campus administration spent several days collecting personal items from throughout campus for students to pickup beginning Thursday with seniors. Every grade level has a different day to pick up and drop off stuff with each grade divided by last name as far as what time they can pick up or drop off items.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

Students will be able to drop off school property and pick up personal items from campus by following a specific demobilization plan starting Thursday with seniors. 

“There will be a student locker pickup and material exchange on May 14 for seniors and May 18-20 for 9th-11th graders,” school administration said in an email to parents and students. “During the campus-wide material exchange, students will return district-issued materials in exchange for their personal belongings and supplies left in their lockers. On the student material exchange days, staff will load bags of students’ belonging into the trunk of their vehicles, to create a touch-free curbside pickup.”

Students who may need textbooks or Chromebooks for AP testing will be allowed to keep them until June 1, which is when a final round of material drop-off will start. 

“We understand that many students need to keep their Chromebooks/Textbooks to participate in eLearning and AP Testing, we will have a second drop off available during the week of June 1-June 5,” the email said. “More details regarding the second drop will be communicated closer to June 1.”

For some seniors such as Sam Mills, the opportunity to visit campus again is a welcome one, but bittersweet nonetheless. 

“I think that the faculty is trying their best, even though what’s happening is less than ideal,” Mills said via text. “I’ve jogged by Liberty several times since I live nearby. It’s the best way for me to say goodbye in a sense, even if I can’t walk through the building.”

Although the shift to eLearning due to COVID-19 was unprecedented, sophomore Aleeza Hussain believes that the district has adapted well. 

“I feel like the district has done really well with adapting to the pandemic,” Hussain said via phone. “I think the plan that was created is pretty good in terms of being efficient and safe for everyone involved. Even though the state is loosening up the social distancing policies, I think it’s great that the school is still being serious about keeping us safe.”