Virtual or in-person, school days get 10 minutes longer

Alyssa Murphy, WTV Producer

Whether students are learning virtually, or face to face, the Frisco ISD school day is 10 minutes longer for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Last year, we had a committee that looked at our school calendar, and one of the things that in this committee they decided that was really important to parents and students and staff to end the school year prior to Memorial Day,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “Nobody ever liked coming back after Memorial Day for just one or two days of school. In order to accomplish that they had to add a few minutes to each school day. Those minutes have kind of been divided out throughout the day. So I think in the end most students won’t really feel it, but they certainly will notice when they have several extra days off and get to end with before Memorial Break.”

“So lunches are probably gonna look a little bit differently. This is one of the things that we are going to be working on during the next three weeks,” Rainwater said. “We certainly are going to have to socially distance during lunch. So we are going to be going in there and seeing how we can set seats and tables up so that students can have lunch with their peers but be an appropriate distance apart.”

The final change in the school day will be in the advisory period which will not be as open as in years past. 

“We will certainly still have advisory this year,” Rainwater said. “Unfortunately, kids will not be able to wander around the school or congregate during advisory, so that’s going to be a little different. Advisory will be offered during the third period, and we’re gonna look at ways that kids during their third period can email their teachers or Zoom their teachers.”