With marching season cancelled, band plans for football field shows


Sarah Boutouis

Even though the content of the day is similar, there are many aspects of online band and orchestra that have changed due to band and orchestra moving online. “I think the aspect that is the most different in online orchestra’s is not being able to play together, which is one of my favorite parts of being in an orchestra,” sophomore Kritika Ramesh said via text. “For virtual orchestra students, it is extremely difficult to play together without there being a lag. For that reason, we have to mute ourselves and practice on our own.“

Grant Milleson, Staff Reporter

Marching band competitions for the fall have been cancelled for all Frisco ISD schools as a result of COVID-19. However, the Redhawks marching band still intends to showcase their skills in at least one traditional way.

“The marching band will still plan on performing a half-time show at football games in addition to supporting the team in the stands,” associate director of bands Tyler Elvidge said. “The purpose of this field show will be to entertain the audience but we will not be competing in any competitions or contests.”

The show that the band was supposed to perform this year will be carried over and be next year’s show.

“The show that was originally intended to be performed for the 2020 season, “Bubbly” is now shelved or put on hold until the 2021 competitive season,” Elvidge said. “The Liberty Band directors and designers feel strongly about the production and are looking forward to the chance to have students perform it next year.”

Most band members understand why the decision to cancel competitions was made.

“Although I’m disappointed that we won’t be having any marching competitions this year, I think it’s for the best that this happened,” junior Matthew Marshall said. “With COVID-19 going around, I can’t imagine marching shows being safe for anyone this year.”

While the band still plans to perform a show at football games, this show will be shorter than what their normal show would be.

“I was looking forward to performing a show so when I heard it was cancelled I was really disappointed, I really wanted a chance to improve,” sophomore Zeke Rubio said. “But I am actually relieved I still get to perform a piece for this year even if it is shorter, but it still won’t be the same.”

However, some band members aren’t so sure playing at football games is the best idea. 

“I think playing a shorter show is a good backup plan if we end up going back to school this year,” Marshall said. “However I’d rather not perform a show at all. I don’t think marching shows or football games will happen this year and if it does, I don’t think it will be a safe endeavor. It’s not just the students that are at risk, but their parents and siblings too that they go home to after these shows.”

Along with the show, most of the summer band camp as well as many after school practices have also been cancelled.

“The official after school marching band rehearsal schedule is still being revised and has not been released yet,” Elvidge said. “But any face-to-face practices for the Liberty Band will not resume until students return to classes in person.”