Virtual to in-person, students able to change learning instruction


Michael Martin

A CDC study has shown COVID spread in schools is relatively low. The numbers in Frisco ISD appear to support this. As of Friday, the number of on-campus (237) and off-campus (189) active cases are within nine percent of each other.

Kirthi Gummadi, WTV Staff Reporter

A month into the 2020-2021 school year, students and their families can now begin the process to change students’ learning environment from virtual to in-person, or vice versa, starting Monday with the window open until Friday. 

Changes can be submitted on the student portal and will go into effect for the second nine weeks of school, beginning Oct. 19.

“There will be certain times during the year when they are allowed to switch,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “So right now the next time students can make that switch is at the end of the first nine weeks.”  

There’s a separate master schedule for virtual and face to face students, so if a student chooses to switch to another type of instruction, they won’t have the same class periods or teachers, according to Rainwater.  

“We’ll do our best to ensure that everything they had on their schedule one way, they also have in the other way,” she said.