Featured Athlete: Raeleigh Davidson

Grade: 12 | Sport: Golf


Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing about golf?
Davidson: “My favorite thing about golf is meeting new people,traveling,and playing in tournaments. Plus seeing my hard work pay off and getting to see how far I’ve come over the years.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing to do before a tourney?

Davidson: “Before a tournament I like to get all my stuff ready so I don’t have to wake up early and I try to go to bed at a decent time.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing to do after a tourney?

Davidson: “My favorite thing after a tournament is definitely sleeping” 

Wingspan: What are your golf plans for the future?

Davidson: “I’m going to play golf in college” 

Wingspan: Who first taught you to okay golf?

Davidson: “My dad and coach’s taught me how to play and I watched my sister a lot when I was younger like any younger sibling would do”

Wingspan: How had golf shaped who you are as a person?

Davidson: “Golf has definitely taught me to be adaptable to new challenges in life along with working hard.”

Wingspan: How often do you play golf?

Davidson: “I try to play at least two hours a day, so about 18-15 hours a week. Sometimes it’s way more if I have a tournament that weekend.”