A freshman’s guide for starting the year strong

Jordan Battey, Staff Reporter

The start of this school year has been a massive change for most students around the world, including this year’s Frisco ISD freshman class, who are beginning their high school career online. 

“Because of online school, there hasn’t been much of a change socially,” freshman Anushka Dwivedi said. “However, adjusting to the new workload is difficult, along with the stress of COVID-19. Along with the occasional computer trouble, schedule changes and not being able to connect with my teachers and peers has made learning virtually difficult.”

Some incoming high school students have chosen to take on a positive outlook in this situation.

“It’s been going surprisingly well,” freshman Karina Grokhovskaya said. “I was nervous to start high school, because there were a lot of changes, and getting used to how high school works, but online school has definitely helped with calming those nerves down.”

The appeals of learning virtually are subjective, satisfying some students, and not others.

“My favorite thing about starting online school is that I don’t have to get ready for school and I can just roll out of my bed,” freshman Ally Smith said.

Joining high school can create a variety of new challenges, and for freshman Sanjana Vallampati, the school’s A/B block schedule is one of them.

“It’s a little confusing because it’s hard to manage and understand the classes,” Vallampati said. “Some teachers have been really understanding and have answered all the questions we have, so that makes it easier.”