Applications open to create new clubs this year


Michael Martin

Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocals, the annual club fair has been moved to be virtual. Students can now access the virtual club fair at any time.

Erika Pernis, Staff Reporter

Clubs are ways for students to gain experiences and opportunities beyond academics that may not be offered through a course with both virtual and in-person students able to submit applications if they want to make a new club.

“Once a sponsor or mentor is secured, students should contact Ms. Addo or me, before October 16th to schedule a brief presentation of their club goals and purpose on campus,” assistant principal Tony Escoto said. “New clubs must get approval from an admin before the application process can be started by the sponsor or mentor teachers.”  

For students like junior Juliy Kim, starting a club has added a lot to her high school experience.

“I am a part of the Music Performance Club and I started it because I wanted more people to have the opportunity to prepare for auditions through mock auditions and sight readings,” Kim said. “I made many good friends through this club, it is something I look forward to with all the stress of junior year.”

 There are some things students should keep in mind when seeking approval of their club.

 “When presenting, students should be able to speak about the club’s goal and purpose,” Escoto said. “We want to know how will this club help with student involvement on campus and create a positive community for all.”