FISD seeks mentors for ISM program


Sarah Boutouis

For her ISM project this year, senior Urja Joshi is taking on photography with an emphasis on Frisco. “I’ve been trying to do photography in multiple places but my go-to location is actually the trail in my neighborhood,” Joshi said. “It’s in the Hunters Creek neighborhood, it’s a beautiful place no matter the season.”

Athena Tseng, Staff Reporter

Frisco ISD is looking for virtual mentors to provide insight and help in Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) classes throughout the district. These volunteers would help students with one-on-one mock interviews and to get primary information.

“We are thrilled to meet the needs of all students through the expansion of virtual volunteering,” FISD Director of Community Relations Allison Miller said in a Frisco ISD news release. “Eager students await the opportunity to engage with professionals who can provide real-life guidance on careers and opportunities they are interested in.”

Mentors are a required component of the ISM program and can highly influence the students’ view on the class and career. 

“The mentor component is based on the belief that effective individuals in a variety of professions and cultural pursuits have something to share with young people that goes beyond classroom learning experiences,” ISM teacher Kelli Secord said. “Mentors are adults who exhibit a lively enthusiasm for his or her work or hobby that he or she would like to share with a student.”

Students can gain knowledge from their mentors in many different ways including a hands on job in the field of their liking.

“Students’ mentor experiences will vary. Some mentors will be in a position to offer the student hands-on experiences; some will be able to allow the student to shadow and observe a mentor’s work experience,” Secord said. “The mentor also will complete periodic evaluations of the student’s progress and will assist with and evaluate the final product itself.”

These mentors will motivate, inspire, and guide students to work towards their passions and to achieve them as well.

“We are thankful for the individuals and businesses in the community that are committed to making a difference for students,” Miller said.