Frisco Community Parade cancelled due to COVID restrictions


screenshot courtesy of city of Frisco

This Saturday, Frisco families, schools, and local businesses will gather together in light of Veteran’s Day to march around downtown.

Jordan Battey, Staff Reporter

Every year, the Frisco Community Parade marches to celebrate life and the culture of living in Frisco. However, due to COVID-19, this year’s parade has been cancelled.

In years past, the parade was held to celebrate Veterans Day and showcase community pride by featuring marching bands,  athletes and cheerleaders from all FISD schools, including the Red Rhythm Dance Team, led by Nicole Nothe. 

“The team typically marches and performs a various dance to the audience. They greet the crowd and get to meet members of the community,” Nothe said. “The team loves to perform but understands why the City of Frisco cancelled the parade. The safety of the town is most important and Red Rhythm backs up the decisions of the parade committee.”

For sophomore Akanksha Mehta, not being able to dance in the parade this year, is a let down. 

“Last year, I enjoyed getting to see other organizations in Frisco, as well as the other people who came out to see all the families gathered around watching,” Mehta said. “I was definitely disappointed, because the parade is a great way to get involved with the community, and spend my saturday.”

The parade would usually start near Toyota Stadium and work its way east down main street through the railyard district, filled with students from all over Frisco.  

“I really enjoyed the excitement leading up to, since it was right after the Wakeland game and all of us were really hyped,” sophomore Lily Peinhard said. “I marched in the parade with the trombones, horn moves and all. I am kind of disappointed with the cancellation, but I know I’m going to be able to make great memories this year anyways.”

Band director Jamie Weaver hopes to remain a force of positivity for his students during this hard time. 

“For the students I can imagine this is just another notch in the series of disappointments since March,” Weaver said. “At this point, sadly, they are getting used to it. But, as we always say down here, ‘there is no reason to yell at the sky, you aren’t going to stop the rain, best get an umbrella’.”