From Touchdowns to Tik Toks

Christian Sutton

On the football field, he’s a 4 star top 100 recruit.

But it’s not his moves on the field that has earned junior Evan Stewart Tik Tok fame.

In fact, if it wasn’t for a teammate, Stewart might not even be on Tik Tok.

“When I started Tik Tok, I did not think I was going to be as big as I am now,” Stewart said. “And it’s actually pretty crazy, but I started last year at this time and it was because of my football teammate Grayson. He told me ‘bro you should get on Tik Tok; you can be famous.’ And I didn’t believe him, but one day he was doing homework and we were at his house, and I set up my phone on the counter and did a little dance. And we went out to eat or something, and it blew up.” 

With more than 17 million likes and nearly 900-thousand fans, his Tik Tok fame has changed his life.

“It has definitely impacted my life,” Stewart said. “Like I have met so many people off of this app, new friends, family, all types of stuff. And it’s changed my life a lot.”

For Stewart, there are certainly some pros to being Tik Tok famous, but not so many cons.

“I’m gonna say that money,” Stewart said. “Also taking trips, like I used to have to go with family and go to sporting events and stuff like that, but now I get to just go places. And there aren’t really any cons besides when I actually don’t feel like making Tik Toks at that time. But if I have a promo or promotions to do in a certain amount of time, then I have to do it, and sometimes I don’t feel like doing it.”