More than half of orchestra who tried out named Region 24 All-Region


Sarah Boutouis

Playing her harp, former senior Urja Joshi advanced to Area after auditioning for the Region 24 All-Region Orchestra. As the competition this year has come to a close, the hard work and dedication students have undergone has payed off according to Orchestra Director Julia Blackstock.

Kate Graham, WTV Staff Reporter

Many things are different this year and that’s certainly the case for orchestra as students tried out for the All-Region Orchestra with more than half being named the Region 24 All-Region Orchestra. 

50 students took part in the auditions, which were all digital this year, and had 5 days to upload their recordings. From there the judges took over with 31 Redhawks accepted into the All-Region Orchestra with more than a dozen advancing to record for All-State Orchestra in a few weeks.

Here’s a list of who made the All-Region Orchestra.


Kelly Shi, violin

Sophie Yang, viola

Nathan Permana, cello

Aleeza Hussain, harp


Nandika Chirala, violin (advances to All-State auditions)

Jayna Yoon, violin (advances to All-State auditions)

Karen Ryu, violin (advances to All-State auditions)

Nicole Johnson, violin (advances to All-State auditions)

Katerina Yang, violin

Julia Johnson, violin (advances to All-State auditions)

Sophie Lin, violin

Jennifer Baek, violin

Helena Song, violin

Jeremy Lin, violin

Keenan Serrao, violin

Abigail So, violin

Isaac Mo, violin

Max Yin, violin

Connor Lee, violin

Jacob Choi, viola (advances to All-State auditions)

Sarah Boutouis, viola

Juliy Kim, viola (advances to All-State auditions)

Julianne Chi, viola (advances to All-State auditions)

Shiori Harima, viola (advances to All-State auditions)

Avi Aggarwal, viola

Joseph Jung, cello (advances to All-State auditions)

Tom Punnen, cello (advances to All-State auditions)

Joy Kim, cello (advances to All-State auditions)

Louis Staton, cello (advances to All-State auditions)

Sarp Sahin, cello

Brian Bahk, double bass (advances to All-State auditions)

Urja Joshi, harp, and Giselle Menezes (advance to Area)