Elwood remains enthusiastic on and off the court


Madison Elwood leads the varsity volleyball team with her strong play and encouraging attitude. Photo credit: Janie Lewis

Liberty senior Madison Elwood not only shows her school spirit on the court but off it, as well.

Starting on the Liberty volleyball team in her sophomore year of high school, Elwood has worked her way up to becoming the right–side hitter for the varsity team. But to her, it is not just about her dedication to the game but the dedication to her teammates, as well.

“My favorite thing about the volleyball team is how close we are during season and off-season,” Elwood said. “We push each other during conditioning and practice.”

Her school spirit is not just limited to her own sport. Elwood attends as many school events as she can, including the junior varsity and freshmen volleyball games, the Liberty football games and the Redhawk basketball games. She also tweets about all of the upcoming sporting events.

Elwood’s energy is not just a boost for the student section—she also motivates her fellow volleyball players, as well.

“Madison is the one that gets our energy up during a game,” sophomore Eilidh Mcgarva said. “She gets us ready to win.”