Feature Athlete: Prince Ugho

Grade: 12 | Sport: Football

Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start your sport?

Ugho: “I started playing football in the 7th grade.”

Wingspan: Who encouraged you to start your sport?

Ugho: “I was encouraged to start playing football because I wanted to get stronger and faster and become athletic.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about your sport?

Ugho: “The hardest part for me when it comes to playing football is being able to contain my physicality during and after the whistle in a game.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about your sport?

Ugho: “My favorite part about the sport is as long as you don’t punch somebody you can go at someone else 100 percent without having to hold back and let up, especially on defense.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest role model?

Ugho: “I would say my biggest role model for the game would be Ray Lewis and Lawerence Taylor.”

Wingspan: What is one thing people think about your sport that isn’t actually true?

Ugho: “That when you play football the stars are always the typical jocks who fail their class and only attend school to play football and throw parties but most of my teammates on the team are actually some of the smartest people in the district bar none.”

Wingspan: Do you have any superstitions?

Ugho: “No, I do not have any superstitions.”

Wingspan: Do you have a pregame routine?

Ugho: “My pregame usually consists of listening to music to hype myself up and to run a little during walk arounds to get my legs stretched out.”

Wingspan: What or who motivates you?

Ugho: “What motivates me the most is that I have the chance to play at an even bigger stage than I am now if I keep working hard and proving that I’m truly a once in a lifetime athlete.”