Redhawks look to soar above others


Sarah Boutouis

The Redhawks swim team is back in action Thursday night. The team looks to take down the Lions and the Raccoons.

Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Optimistic about their ability to sink the Racoons and the Lions, the Redhawks take on Frisco and Reedy Thursday at the Bruce Eubanks Natatorium

I think our confidence is high,” coach Nicholas Dion said via email. “We had some really great swims as we head into the middle part of our season. We have been focused on the weight room and increasing our yardage and speed. I think it will continue to pay dividends for us.”

For sophomore Maria Oushalkas, this meet should be a piece of cake seeing as though she dove deep in the last meet, setting a new school record.

“For upcoming meets we’ll enhance our strengths and work on our weaknesses in the weight room,” Oushalkas said via text. “This upcoming meet is a tri-meet against Reedy and Frisco. I believe as a whole team we will do well and might even be able to get second.”

Oushalkas is not the only one thinking positively about the upcoming meet. For coach Dion, this will help determine the team’s spirit for future meets to come.

“Our meet with Reedy and Frisco will allow us some opportunities to see some fast competition,” Dion said. “I think we will rise to the occasion and get up and race.”