Students find their own take on homecoming


Ana Cuen

Though the Homecoming dance this year is unable to happen due to precautions, StuCo decorates the school in hopes that spirit week can continue.

Jordan Battey, Staff Reporter

COVID-19 restrictions wiped out this year’s Homecoming dance, but some students are choosing to hold smaller festivities of their own on Saturday.

“Me and my friends are dressing up and doing friendsgiving/foco on Saturday, so that we can still have fun,” sophomore Eva Guerra said. “We are having dinner at one of our houses to avoid going to eat out!”

While this might be a change for some students, junior Katie Stone explains that she has opted for a small group gathering in the past. 

“I probably wouldn’t go to the dance anyways,” Stone said. “Most people just do stuff with their friends or smaller groups, like going out to dinner and dressing up.”

Sophomore Shannon Christian represents some of the student body who have decided to not celebrate this year due to safety concerns.

“I have chosen not to partake in any festivities in place of the hoco dance,” sophomore Shannon Christian said. “I originally planned on having a small group to go out with, but due to recent spikes of covid, we all decided that staying home would be the best and most responsible thing to do.”