Swim dives into action


Roy Nitzan

After a two week long break, the swim team is diving back into action Tuesday night. The team hopes to pull off another win against Centennial and Lebanon Trail.

Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Hoping to make a splash against both Heritage and Lebanon Trail Thursday, the Redhawks are ready for another meet, but they head into the contest against the Coyotes and Trail Blazers a few swimmers short due to injuries.

However, junior Jeremy Lin doesn’t think that will hurt the team’s chances. 

“For the meet, I predict we will achieve a double victory,” Lin said via text. “We’ve already won against Heritage before, and LT has a very small team so we should be able to just sweep them both.”

In order to accomplish their goal, the team has been preparing in different ways than before.

“Something we need to improve on would be technique, solidifying and advancing the basics,” Lin said. “We’re preparing for this meet by lowering the yardage in practice, getting more sleep, finishing up homework early, and adjusting diets to account for more carbohydrates.”

With hopes that the new changes to daily routines will aid in their performance, the team has full confidence in their ability to sink the Coyotes and Trail Blazers.

“I like our chances,” head coach Nicholas Dion said via email. “I think our boys will have a strong showing despite missing a few of our strong swimmers. It will be great to see our ladies get the opportunity to compete in some relays. That is something we have not been able to do recently.”