Swim seeks speed in weekend meet


Sarah Boutouis

The Redhawk swim team takes on The Colony and Lonestar High School. The team prepares for districts in January.

Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

The Redhawks dive deep to try and bring home wins this weekend as they take on several other schools  in Friday and Saturday

Junior Kieth Taylor plans on doing whatever it takes to do his best for his team considering their district meet is just around the corner.

“To prepare for the meet we will make sure we are all eating properly, drinking lots of water, backing off lifting and going light weight for a few days, and just working on small things in the water,” Taylor said.

As a result of all of their efforts going in, the team hopes they can pull out a win increasing their chances of victory in January’s district meet.

“I think everyone on the team will have very good time drops and be proud of themselves for the work they’ve put in,” Taylor said.