Featured Athlete: Karina Grokhovskaya

Grade: 9 | Sport: Ice Skating


Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you first start skating?

Grokhovskaya: “I started skating when I was seven. I skated for a little bit when I was five and then I took a break for a little bit but then I really picked it up when I was seven.”

Wingspan: What is one thing you like about skating?

Grokhovskaya: “I like it that I get to express myself on the ice and also challenge myself and I just get to skate with my friends.”

Wingspan: Who first got you to start skating or what motivated you to do it?

Grokhovskaya: “One of the camps that I was in for the summer, we went to an ice skating rink and I really liked it, so that is what made me pick it up again.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest motivator?

Grokhovskaya: “I think my teammate Kate. She’s on my ice skating team and basically like my skating mom. I like her work ethic and how she goes to the rink everyday, and works hard for both the team and for herself. She is also just a really good role model.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest role model?

Grokhovskaya: “I think in general it is my mom because she works hard for my family and she is a really good person. For skating, it’s definitely Kate. She’s a very good ice skater, she powers through any problems with the team, and she also just helps me a lot when it comes to ice skating.”

Wingspan: What is one thing about skating most people think is true that is not actually true?

Grokhovskaya: “I think the false stereotype is that it is only girls. It is not just girls who can skate, anyone can skate. You also do not have to start at a very young age. You know, I think the thing is that most sports you start at a very young age, but you can start whenever. If you want to pick up skating you can start right now. It is for everybody age and gender and it is not just for one person.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part about your sport?

Grokhovskaya: “I think being able to challenge myself with new things and getting to express myself on the ice is definitely really fun.”

Wingspan: What is one thing you wish that everyone knew about skating?Grokhovskaya: “Like I said before, it is for everyone. Even if you are someone who falls a lot and you do not really like it, that is the thing. With skating, you have to fall to get better. And falling can sometimes be fun.”