Freshman brings VSCO girls back to TikTok

Aditi Darodkar

Aditi Darodkar, WTV Staff Reporter

Oversized t-shirts, scrunchies and Hydro FlasksVSCO girls was a huge trend in 2019. Freshman Isabelle Engles brought back VSCO girls on TikTok, and the response was viral.

“I wasn’t actually expecting anyone to see it,” Engles said. “So I saw some of my old VSCO stuff lying around one day and I thought it would just be cool to make it as like a joke, just like bring it back, the 2019 vibes and everything and ya I think it’s actually cool that people actually saw it.”

With more than 40,000 followers, 1 million likes, and more than 3 million views in only 10 days,  Engles’ three TikToks blew up overnight.

“ I just think its crazy I remember I was sitting on my couch after I did the dishes and at first it had like 10,000 likes, then I had 20,000, then I had a 100,000,” Engles said. “I don’t know I just think its so cool because I’ve always thought it would be like so cool to blow up one day and I never thought I actually would so its exciting”

These VSCO TikToks have received dozens upon dozens of positive comments, with the videos showing up on the “For You Page” of several students on campus.

“I loved it and she had so many likes,” sophomore Emily Thomas said. “I was like you go and then I was like aww this is fun because it was all nostalgic and I was reading through the comments.”